Charlotte NC Newborn Baby Family Photographer

Indre Both is a Charlotte, NC photographer specializing in natural, emotive and timeless child, baby and maternity photography.  Serving North Carolina, South Carolina and New York

 Courtesy - Moons a Ballon Photography 

Courtesy - Moons a Ballon Photography 

How did I get here?      

       Born in Lithuania, I moved to New York and have called it home since I was about eleven.  I went to a business school in NYC and received my undergraduate in Marketing and Intellectual Property Law. After the birth of my first daughter, Caroline, I decided to spice up my life and juggle a baby and dual Masters in Education/Special Education.  I learned multitasking, prioritizing and about an entirely new level of sleep deprivation. A couple of years ago my husband and I decided to transition our three itty bitty girls to a more charming pace of the South and now my heart is in Charlotte, NC!

Why do I take photos?

While my pre-photography career included mergers & acquisitions and teaching, I knew there was something out there for me that was yet to light me up inside.   I stumbled into photography by meeting someone who inspired me to take better photos of my firstborn daughter and introduced me to a camera grade above my point and shoot! Being a photographer feels as natural to me as reading a book and seeing the story in my mind.  I have never taken a full course or had the patience to finish a book on this subject. It seems I have gotten all my bookworm days out of the system. I do this because it literally makes me giddy happy and it continuously teaches me new things including how to be a more patient human being.  The best part has always been showing people something that may not have been noticed in the moment but was beautifully captured the way they would like to remember and preserve it.  

What happens during the shoot?

During the session I do not like to have parents too close.  Don’t worry, your children are in perfectly capable and safe hands of a former educator! I find that little magical, whimsical and quirky things tend to happen when kids don’t feel the need to provide that all too often expected synthetic smile.  I let them run, jump, roll on the grass or pick a spot all while gently guiding them to tell the story via pictures that I have in my mind. I treat my maternity and family shoots very similarly in an inviting and easy going manner.  It is your day to feel beautiful.  Allow me to do the planning and help you feel more confident and relaxed.

In a nutshell....

Here are some things I love:

  • How my daughters snuggle after a warm bath
  • Soy lattes, although desperately trying to change the soy-part
  • Laughing with my best friends until it hurts
  • Indian food (still trying to convert my husband all these years later)
  • Perfume - need to control this addiction

Some things off my bucket list:

  • Lived in more than one country
  • Fluently speak more than one language
  • Finished my graduate degree (even though I don’t technically use is for its intent now!)
  • Learned to photograph my children the way I wished someone had done when they were younger for me
  • Found a partner in crime to raise these three crazy, wild, beautiful kids with.  He is one thousand times more patient than I ever will be with them. 

Some things still on my bucket list: 

  • Drop fear of flying.  Feel like the rest will sort itself out once this is done.  

My  gear includes...

Canon Mark 5D Mk III & backup DSLRs

Ice Lights, Studio Lighting 

All Prime Canon Lenses: 35mm, 50mm, 85, 100mm Macro, 135mm, 70-200mm and growing...